Paula Apro | About

I was not born with the innate ability to draw or paint, but still, the desire to create beautiful things still burns on inside me. Ever since my childhood, I've been obsessed with taking photos. I never really knew what I loved so much about it back then, but today I do. Everywhere I go I’m composing photos, even when there’s no camera in my hand. Searching for great shots makes me see the world differently. I notice things that I wouldn’t normally even see.

As a recent transplant to the state of Maine, I’m passionate about capturing the diverse beauty of this great state. There seems to be no end to the gorgeous landscape and scenery here, but my goal is to capture it in unique ways. Lately, I find myself more challenged by finding art in everyday objects. I love taking the time to see these objects in a completely different way. I try to lose sight of the object itself and instead look at its form, colors, textures or patterns. Sometimes I enjoy capturing the object for exactly what it is and other times I challenge myself to transform it into something completely different with the magical powers of my camera. I am trying to make my camera an extension of me and use it as my vehicle to capture and create the art that my mind sees, but my hands and fingers don’t know how to express.

The abstract photos displayed on this website have not been digitally altered. Aside from cropping and minor adjustments to contrast, these images are exactly as they appear coming straight out of my camera. This is my way of reinforcing my belief that life is what you make of it, and you can always create something beautiful.

I also own and run Maine Photo Adventures which offers multi-day photography workshops in Midcoast Maine. If you are a photographer and find my work inspiring, please consider joining me for a workshop! Come and spend a few days on the beautiful Maine coast learning how to take more creative photos.